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You've discovered the intersection between your favorite gnome moments and blockchain! Read below so we can help you get started!

Questions about NFTs?

What is an NFT?

Digital collectibles are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) hosted on blockchain so you know that your ownership of the collectible is legitimate and managed.

Can I resell my Gnomi NFT?

Of course! Once you own it, you can choose what to do with it.

What is the rarity of the Gnomi NFT’s?

Each NFT has a limited number of collectibles. The smaller the numerology (number of NFTs in circulation), the more valuable the Gnomi NFT is. Gnomi will be releasing 100 meditating gnomes, and 50 of each of the other five types of gnomes.

What is the timing of the auction?

You can begin participating in the NFT auction right away! You win the auction by being the highest bidder on the Gnome Group NFT. However, you must still be holding the NFT on October 30th, 2021 to meet GNOMI and be included in one of his future NFTs as a Gnome version of yourself!

What's a gas fee? How does it work?

Miners use gas to process transactions on Ethereum. It's one of the essential regulators that prevents anyone from abusing the network.

You will pay gas fees every time when:

  • Accepting an offer.
  • Transfering (or Gifting) an NFT to someone.
  • Buying a NFT.
  • Canceling a listed NFT.
  • Canceling a Bid.
  • Converting WETH back to ETH, and vice versa.

Click here to learn more about gas fees on

Questions about Crypto?

Step 1: Creating your Crypto account

You will need to create a Crypto account with Coinbase or Gemini.

Coinbase: download the Coinbase app from your phone’s app store. Click here if you have questions about using Coinbase.

  • Enter your personal information to create an account.
  • Navigate to “Prices” and select “Ethereum (ETH)”.
  • Select “Trade” and then “Buy ETH”.
  • Enter your desired dollar amount and buy it.

Note: on OpenSea you can purchase NFTs in WETH, USDC, DAI

Gemini: download the Gemini app from your phone’s app store. Click here if you have questions about the Gemini app.

  • Select “Ether (ETH)” and then press “Get started”.
  • Select “Create Account” to create your account.
  • Click on “Ether” then press “Buy”.
  • Choose your preferred method of frequency, then enter the dollar amount of Ether you want to purchase. Press “Continue”.
  • Add your payment method.

Note: on OpenSea you can purchase NFTs in WETH, USDC, DAI.

Step 2: Setting up your MetaMask account
  • Download the MetaMask app from your app store.
  • Select “Create a new wallet” and create your MetaMask wallet.
Step 3: Send your Ethereum to your MetMask account. For more detailed instructions, please click here for more detailed instructions about Gemini and Coinbase
  • Navigate to your MetMask account and copy your public address.
  • Now, go to your Coinbase or Gemini account and select ETH.
  • Select “Send” and paste the public address you just copied.
  • Add the dollar amount of Ethereum you would like to send.
  • Now you will own Ethereum in your MetaMask wallet.
Step 4: Locate Gnomi’s NFTs on OpenSea Marketplace
  • Navigate to
  • In the search bar, type in Gnomes or the name of the Gnome you are looking for!
  • It may be helpful to search by “Recently Listed” to find the Gnome you are looking for.
  • You can also search for the owner, Gnomi. You can find all of the Gnome NFT’s that Nomi has created on Gnmoi’s profile.
Step 5: Now it’s time to buy one of Gnomi’s NFTs!
  • Click into the Gnome NFT you would like to buy
  • Select “Buy Now”
  • Select “Add Funds”
  • Select “Deposit from an Exchange”
  • Add in your wallet address from MetaMask
  • Select “Done”

Curious about Gnomi?

What are the Gnome NFTs created by Gnomi on OpenSea?

Gnomi’s NFTs represent the importance of taking care of your mind, body, and spirit.

Who is Gnomi?

Gnomi is the name Andy Goldfarb goes by.

When can I purchase one of Gnomi’s NFTs?

You can begin purchasing one of Gnomi’s NFT’s now! They are available on

What are the different Gnome NFTs?

Gnomi is launching six different types of gnome NFTs:

  • The Meditating Gnome
  • Sleeping Gnome
  • Reading Gnome
  • Chopping Wood Gnome
  • Fishing Gnome
  • Being Gnome
Can I cancel my bid?

No you cannot. However, if you are not the highest bidder, the money will be returned to you.

Additional questions?

With additional questions, please contact Sarah deSilva at